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CSWP test

This week is our holiday shutdown, the perfect time to attempt the CSWP test. This is my second attempt, the first almost two years ago. I came in early and started shortly after I turned on my PC.

The test is in 3 parts, I started with part 1. I failed this portion I think due to the mass properties match. I double checked the units, dimensions, and features, but I can’t ever get it exactly what the test asks for.

I was interrupted once, causing me to run to the last second. I don’t know if it accepted my last answer.

I received 50 out of 115! This stuff is easy, but the numbers don’t match.

Part 2 was easy, switching between configurations while changing some features, piece of cake, 135 out of 155. I missed one answer.

Part 3 was also easy; building assemblies, adding coordinate system, mating, running mass properties. But, for some reason, I got 90 out of 190.

Later, I went back and studied the assy, I missed the material on one part that was download!! UGH!!

I will try again in another month…



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