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After three tries I passed the Certified SolidWorks Professional test. It’s a three part test, the first part being the most difficult. I had to build a model from dimensions shown and change them several times using equations, then find the weights (mass). The numbers don’t seem to always match, but there is a small percentage tolerance allowed to pass. I finished with a 100% passing. Next, the CSWE test.


SWW16 event


Change part orientation

Most of us import other file types into SolidWorks, but most of the time they are oriented in views that we don’t like.

One under-used command that has been around for a while is “Set Current View as…”. Use this option before the part is used in an assy or drawing or you may have errors later.

Orient the model to the view you want, right-click, select “Set Current View As…”, then select the view you want.

Rename the main views in the Feature Tree to match the new view orientations.





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